LPSC Handicap Form


Lake Pueblo Sailing Club Season Handicap Form


1. Purpose The Lake Pueblo Sailing Club (LPSC) will conduct nine (9) Series of Races in 2021. A Commodore’s Cup Regatta weekend will be held at the conclusion of the season. Participating boats will be given a base handicap that will be adjusted throughout the season series. The final handicap for each boat will be used in the LPSC Commodore’s Cup Regatta. The handicap will only be used in the LPSC Commodore’s Cup Regatta, no handicap will be used in the season series.


2. GOAL In the spirit of the club and sportsmanship the goal is to even the playing field so that all LPSC sailors are competitive in competition for the club trophy regardless of the type or size of boat. We hope for an excitement for any LPSC sailors name to have an opportunity to be engraved on the Commodore’s Cup.



3.1 A Notice of Race for the LPSC Commodore’s Cup will be released at a future date


3.2 Boat must sail the Commodore’s Cup as it sailed during the season series. (Same sails, electronics, etc.)


3.3 Notify LPSC Race Committee of any changes or upgrades in boat throughout the season such as new sails, electronics, equipment; etc.


3.4 Must compete in at least five (5) season series sails to qualify for LPSC Commodore’s Regatta.


3.5 Compete in Commodore’s Cup Regatta with the same or similar crew as series races.


Please compete in an honest, safe and tolerant manner. We are all members of Lake Pueblo Sailing Club for similar reasons. Adjustments may be made as the season moves forward to benefit the club and LPSC sailors as a whole.

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